14 huge Coronation Street spoilers including Tim Metcalfe’s exit and Todd Grimshaw’s explosive return

TIM Metcalfe finally takes a stance against his father Geoff next week in Coronation Street when Sally tells him he’s been threatening her over Yasmeen's stolen money.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in the ITV soap…

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1. Wedding chaos

The day of Maria and Gary’s wedding day arrives.

But everyone starts to panic as they realise both the bride and groom are late. 

Will Gary and Maria tie the knot?

2. David makes a discovery 

Having noticed Gary’s soft spot for Sarah, David pulls Gary aside. 

Gary is left torn when David tells him he needs to make a decision about whether he loves Sarah or Maria. 

3. Sarah has doubts

Meanwhile, Sarah also mulls over her feelings for Gary and frets about her marriage to Adam. 

Will she stop Gary getting married to Maria – and sabotage her own relationship in the process?

4. Tim stands up to Geoff

Tim finally takes a stance against Geoff after Sally tells him that Geoff has been threatening her. 

The previous week, Geoff raged at Sally for giving Alya Yasmeen’s stolen money and told her Tim would never pick her over his own father. 

5. Tim announces he's leaving

Tim announces that he and Sally are leaving Weatherfield and going to stay with Gina for a while.

Geoff is horrified at the news.

Has Tim finally seen his dad for the monster he is?

6. Eileen receives an ominous letter

Mary and Sean open Eileen’s post and discover a letter from Todd demanding one thousand pounds. 

Billy encourages them to tell Eileen but Sean insists on hatching a plan to check it’s really Todd. 

7. Sean and Billy set a trap for Todd

It all kicks off as Sean texts Todd and pretends to have the money.

Sean is shocked when he gets a reply asking for the money to be hidden in Victoria Gardens. 

Later, Mary, Sean and Billy plant a wad of fake cash in Victoria Gardens and wait with baited breath for Todd to rock up. 

8. Daniel unsettles Nicky 

A lonely Daniel calls Nicky and begs to see her later and, when Nicky reluctantly agrees, he goes over the top thanking her. 

Later, Nicky arrives for her appointment at Daniel’s flat and realises with dismay that he’s cooked them a meal. 

As Daniel gives her Sinead’s cardigan, Nicky tries to pretends she isn't freaked out. 

9. Nicky rejects Daniel 

At the end of the appointment, Nicky tells Daniel he’d be better off talking to friends and family than wasting his money on her. 

But as she heads off, it’s clear Daniel is becoming besotted with her. 

Will Nicky grow tired of Daniel and cut all ties with the widower?

10. Abi is rushed to hospital 

Abi promises Seb that she’ll meet him later to say a final goodbye to the twins before they set off to Australia. 

But disaster strikes at the garage when the car engine slips and traps Abi’s arm, holding her hostage in the garage while Seb sets off to meet the twins. 

When Abi is found, she’s rushed to hospital. 

11. Abi misses saying goodbye

Thinking she’s let them down again, a gutted Seb prepares to say goodbye to the twins without Abi. 

Later, a furious Seb heads off to look for Abi and prepares to give her a piece of his mind. 

Has Abi missed her chance to say goodbye to her twins and will Seb forgive her?

12. Gemma meets her bully

Gemma ignores Bernie’s warnings and meets up in person with her former bully, Vanessa 

After returning home, Gemma announces that she’s going to set up an online mother and baby group. 

Bernie worries about Gemma mixing with Vanessa again after what happened last time. 

13. Gemma plans a surprise

Gemma does her best to keep her surprise 30th birthday party for Paul a secret.

And when he begs her to attend a karaoke night with him, she pretends she's too busy looking after the quads.

14. Paul worries about Gemma

Later in the week, Paul calls at the kebab shop and tells Bernie and Cathy that he’s worried Gemma has been acting weirdly – and that he’s concerned she might be suffering from postnatal depression again. 

Later, Bernie and Cathy chat to Gemma and tell her that Paul is worried about her, but Gemma tells them she’s been acting weirdly because she’s planning a surprise birthday for Paul – and that she’s not depressed.

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