14 Couples Who Found Romance in the Dancing with the Stars Ballroom

The newest romance comes courtesy of pro Bersten and model Ren, who’ve been particularly open about their feelings throughout season 27. 

In a November 2018 episode, following Ren’s confession she was falling for her partner, Bersten said, 

“Last week, some things were said,” Bersten says to Ren. “I’m in a place where, we worked so hard for this amazing journey together, and I’m afraid I will mess that up in some way. But I’ve never had an experience like this. It’s so easy to just hang out with you and have fun and not worry about everything else. I know that you put yourself out there last weekend, and I do have feelings for you. And I really feel like I am falling for you.”

What followed? A kiss!

They found love in a glittery place! The New Zealand native and her Ukrainian-born pro partner in life first took their chemistry off the dance floor for a 10-month tango from 2012–13. After a year apart, they rekindled their flame in October 2014, became engaged in December 2015 and welcomed son Shai Aleksander on Jan. 4, 2017. Maks was first to admit he was more than ready to bring his baby into the competition on season 24, telling PEOPLE: “Listen, when this thing gets heated, and I need to pull out my secret weapon, I’m going to roll up to rehearsal with a baby in a harness. You know, look sexy as hell.”

The Dancing with the Stars cast mates both expressed their affection for each other with cuddly photos posted on their respective Instagram accounts in August 2017. But their romance isn’t new — the dancing duo have been dating off and on for the past two years.

In February 2016, they were spotted getting cuddly while out and about in West Hollywood for lunch. At the time, Johnson caressed Chmerkovskiy’s hair and face as they dined and were seen walking down the street with their arms wrapped around each other.

In June 2018, they announced big news: their engagement! 

Wasting absolutely no time at all, the duo was spotted canoodling at the show’s 20th season premiere in Los Angeles. “I don’t do anything for publicity,” Herjavec told PEOPLE of his relationship with Johnson. “From the moment I met her, I loved hanging out with her. We are having a great time.”

The two tied the knot in August 2016, and welcomed twins Haven and Hudson a little less than two years later.

It’s not only stars who find love on DWTS. Professional dancers Farber and Slater got engaged during a live episode of the show — after dancing together, naturally! “Babe, I wanted to do this for such a long, long time,” Farber said, pink sapphire ring in hand, to his girlfriend of five years. “I love you so much. Will you marry me?” She said yes, and the entire DWTS cast quickly joined in on the excitement. They married in March 2018.

Though Rose was eliminated earlier than she hoped from Dancing with the Stars, she briefly found a romantic connection with the brother of her pro partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The two got cozy at her 33rd birthday bash and shared sweet photos of their time together on Instagram before splitting after five months together.

When Lopez and Smirnoff were paired in 2006 on the show’s third season, the chemistry was immediate. “I thought he was extremely hot and charming,” she told PEOPLE in 2008, shortly after their “painful split.” When Lopez confirmed infidelity rumors, Smirnoff was heartbroken. “It felt like the world came to an end for a second. I hit the ground, and I couldn’t get up.”

Smirnoff picked herself up after the nasty Lopez split, then fell almost immediately into the arms of fellow DWTS dancer Chmerkovskiy. The two got engaged in Las Vegas in January of 2009, but called it off just nine months later, reportedly over disagreements on starting a family.

Parrish, best known for playing Mona Vanderwaal on Pretty Little Liars, felt instant chemistry with Season 19 partner Chmerkovskiy, and couldn’t stop gushing. “Val’s been amazing … It’s been really good, and we’re having fun amid the crazy,” she said. Romance rumors reached their peak in November of 2014 when the two were spotted holding hands in N.Y.C. (However, the rumors waned before the season ended.)

The dimple-faced pro dancer dated his very first DWTS partner, Cheetah Girl Bryan, and after the 2007 season, while Bryan was in India filming The Cheetah Girls: One World movie, the two would Skype every day. The couple broke up a few months later due to Bryan’s busy schedule.

Elizabeth and Hough, who had intense chemistry during the show’s 2009 sixth season, dated for more than a year before ending it extremely amicably: with matching Tweets. “Hi everyone, we wanted you all to know directly from us that Shannon & I have decided to end our relationship as boyfriend & girlfriend,” Hough tweeted. Elizabeth added, “We love & care about each other very much.”

The dancer and Olympic gold medal gymnast were the total Dream Team – they won the competition in 2009, and, of course, romance rumors followed them throughout the season. While neither Ballas nor Johnson acknowledged a relationship, there was reportedly a nasty breakup.

In Burke’s 2006 book, Dancing Lessons, the dancer wrote that people assumed she and her partner (real name: Chad Johnson) were an item because of their “great chemistry,” and then, she totally admitted to their relationship – er, “fling” – to Lifeline Live: “We maybe had a little bit of a fling. I wouldn’t take it to that word dating.”

The 2014 DTWS duo admitted to going on a date before the season 18 premiere, but apparently things fizzled almost immediately – and they both got pretty sick of answering questions about it. “We’ll be asked the same question rephrased 17 times, and yet they expect different answers,” Maslow told PEOPLE. “It’s fun, it’s all good and I’m flattered because she’s beautiful and it’s not such a bad thing … But really, we’re just here just to dance.”

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