Watch Kelsea Ballerini Throw Punches in Boxing-Themed ‘Miss Me More’ Video

Kelsea Ballerini pulls on a pair of boxing gloves and gets in the ring in the video for her latest single, “Miss Me More.” The pulsing, dance music-influenced tune appears on the Knoxville, Tennessee native’s second album Unapologetically.

In keeping with the song’s lyrical message about the struggle to regain one’s sense of self after the conclusion of a toxic relationship, the video depicts Ballerini going into a literal fight for her individuality. She trains like Rocky Balboa — minus the epic running montage — in the early scenes, working on her movement with a trainer and lifting weights. When the main event comes, Ballerini faces off with a female opponent who deals out a couple of solid blows but proves to be no match for our heroine, who sends her foe to the mat with a knockout blow. There’s a resemblance between the two, as if Ballerini is fighting to vanquish the old, unrecognizable version of herself.

“Miss Me More” is also the name of Ballerini’s headlining 2019 tour, which gets underway April 11th with guests Brett Young and Brandon Ratcliff. Ballerini is currently serving as the host of Voice companion show The Comeback Stage, and she’s among the nominees for Female Vocalist of the Year at the 2018 CMA Awards, set for Wednesday, November 14th at 8 p.m. ET.

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