This Might Be the Real Reason R. Kelly Had Trouble Bailing Himself Out of Jail

R. Kelly turned himself in to authorities after he was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Kelly’s bond was set at $1 million, and he had to come up with at least 10% before he could be released. However, the singer had trouble scraping the money together. Why didn’t R. Kelly have enough money? This might be the real reason R. Kelly had trouble bailing himself out of jail.

R. Kelly reportedly paid families money to keep quiet

One reason R. Kelly might not have been able to bail himself out is because of all the money he reportedly paid to families of the women he allegedly had intimate relationships with. In the Lifetime docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, one of R. Kelly’s alleged victims, Lizzette Martinez, said the singer paid her mother $1,000 to keep quiet about their relationship. In the docuseries, R&B singer Sparkle also says she thinks R. Kelly paid her family off not to say anything about the relationship he allegedly had with her underage cousin. Sparkle said her cousin is the teen who was thought to be featured in the tapes at the center of R. Kelly’s 2008 trial. However, her family denied she was the same girl on the tapes.

On an episode of The Dr. Oz Show, another alleged victim of R. Kelly, Lisa Van Allen, said there are public records of some of the payments R. Kelly made to women so they would drop their cases against him. “There are some die-hard fans, some people that choose not to believe what I feel like is in your face. There’s public records. You can go to Cook County courthouse and pull up all these cases that he paid girls off. I don’t understand why you would pay anyone off if it’s not true,” she told host Dr. Oz.

R. Kelly is said to have paid for his girlfriends to go on shopping trips

Another reason R. Kelly probably doesn’t have much money is that he’s funding shopping trips for his girlfriends. Staying on top of the latest fashions isn’t cheap these days, so that’s likely another way he blew a lot of his cash. Surviving R. Kelly participant Asante McGee said R. Kelly would regularly give her shopping money so she could buy items at the mall. The R&B singer is also reported to be keeping several women in his home, so that living situation would require him to pay for items such as food and clothing for many people.

R. Kelly reportedly bought big-ticket items for family members and gave money away

During an interview with Unwine with Tasha K., R. Kelly’s brother, Carey Kelly, told host Tasha K. that R. Kelly bought their sister, Teresa, a house. The singer also regularly gave thousands of dollars to their sister’s church. Apparently R. Kelly has been a little too free with his money over the years and it caught up with him.

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