The Real Meaning Behind Zayn Malik’s ‘Vibez’ Lyrics Explained

After teasing fans for months, Zayn Malik finally dropped his third studio album, Nobody Is Listening, on Jan. 15, 2021. 

Fans can’t be too upset at the crooner on the two-year delay following his sophomore album, Icarus Falls. He had a lot of personal endeavors going on, including an on-and-off relationship with Gigi Hadid, and welcoming their adorable baby girl (whose name has yet to be released at the time of his album release). The star tweeted the momentous news back in September 2020 with a picture of the newborn’s hand.

But even with all the daddy duties, the album is now done. And right before its release, the “Better” singer put out the album’s second single, “Vibez.” While this song is solely Malik, Nobody Is Listening‘s 11-song track list includes features from fellow crooner Syd and rapper Devlin. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about “Vibez,” and tap into its official music video.

Zayn Malik is all about the 'Vibez'

Zayn Malik is trying to set mood in his latest single, “Vibez.”

The new song definitely delivers a seductive “vibe,” from the slick R&B production to Malik’s smooth vocals. And the lyrics of the song are undoubtedly sexy, with lines like: “You and me here in this room / Imagining things we could do,” and “Mind run ’round, we touchin’ slow / Just say the word, I’m ready to go.” There’s no question as to what this tune is about.

In the music video, Malik sings as he walks through a film set that looks very innocent, though the lyrics are nothing of the sort. He sings on the chorus: “Don’t keep me waiting / I’ve been waiting all night to get closer / And you already know I got it for ya / You know the vibes, know the vibes / Put it on ya.”

Based on those lines, it seems like the new dad wrote a up-tempo, sexy love letter to the mother of his child with this one. (One Twitter user wrote that Malik “will sing Vibez to Gigi … because lyrics.” Of course, Ztans are obsessed with the track: The video boasts more than 13 million views at the time of this writing.

You know the vibes. 

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