Summer Walker to Release New EP ‘Clear 2: Soft Life’ Soon

The 26-year-old RnB singer, who welcomed twin boys with her ex Larry a.k.a. LVRD Pharaoh around three months ago, announces her new album when performing at Dreamville Festival.

AceShowbizSummer Walker‘s is gearing up for new music. When performing at Dreamville Festival, the “Girls Need Love” songstress announced that she will release a new EP titled “Clear 2: Soft Life” soon.

“I just wanted to let you guys know that I have an EP dropping. May 19. Go to my website if you wanna pre-order it,” the 26-year-old musician declared at the show over the weekend. “It’s a little somethin’, somethin’. Y’all ready for some new music?”

Summer has also opened up about her upcoming project in an interview with Billboard. “[I’m] hella excited for Clear 2,” she said, before adding, “The last one was like four songs. This one – I want it to be a lot longer so I can really get that sound out. That’s my favorite type of sound… I make what I got to make for the radio, but I’m very excited for [Clear 2]. Hopefully, my budget will be permitted. [If not], we got to protest.”

Aside from working on new music, Summer is busy raising her three kids. The R&B star herself just welcomed twin boys with her ex Larry a.k.a. LVRD Pharaoh a little over three months ago.

Despite her tight schedule, Summer didn’t forget to take care of herself. On March 29, she showed off her post-baby body by sharing a picture of her and a friend posing in the bathroom while sporting a tiny bikini.

Along with the bikini selfie, Summer shared some words of wisdom about relationship and self-confidence. “Mixed signals are not a sign to try harder,” read one of the messages written in several Post-It notes. “Money is not a reflection of worth.”

“You’re better off losing someone else than losing yourself,” a third handwritten message said. “The happiest people are too busy doing their own things to compare themselves to others.”

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