Summer Walker Saves a Dying Party With Her JT Collab 'Ex for a Reason'

Summer Walker and JT of City Girls are over dealing with their partners’ old flames in the Lacy Duke-directed music video for their new collaboration “Ex for a Reason.” The song will appear on Walker’s upcoming sophomore studio album Still Over It, out November 5th.

The “Ex for a Reason” visual is a snapshot of Atlanta culture fit neatly into a montage of Walker and JT prepping for a night. They cruise in a convertible with a “Forever Atlanta” license plate and inadvertently save a dying house party when a clumsy DJ plugs in a hard drive and spins the single.

The jewel-covered silver hard drive in the video harks back to Walker’s current promotional campaign for Still Over It. The R&B singer recently organized a pop-up in New York where fans could hear the new album two and a half weeks early — but only if they managed to break a glass case to get to the hard drive.

One fan managed to shatter the glass with the matching pink hammer, getting early access to the follow-up to Walker’s 2019 debut Over It. The Instagram account for the hard drive, which has over 120,000 followers, has teased more pop-ups in other cities ahead of the project’s release.

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