Summer Walker Clashing With Promoter After Getting Booed at New Jersey Club

The dispute between the ‘Playing Games’ singer and the New Jersey club promoter gets ugly as the promoter threatens to file a lawsuit and drag her to court.

AceShowbizSummer Walker and a promoter who booked her for a gig at a New Jersey club called each other out on the internet. The feud came hot on heels of a disastrous night when she was booed by partygoers. The crowd were disappointed and jeered at her when she was just lounging in the back while half-heartedly holding a mic.

Following the debacle, Summer took to Instagram to defend herself. The “Playing Games” singer told her online devotees that she was booked to make an appearance, not to perform any song. She then accused the promoter of scamming the clubgoers.

“Y’all gotta stop letting these promoters finesse y’all,” the 23-year-old star wrote. “I do not ‘I repeat, I do not’ sing on coaches. Put some respect on my names if you would like to see me perform I’ll be at Terminal 5 on the 7th & 8th & Jimmy Fallon on the 9th, that’s where you can see me perform.” She concluded, “Thank y’all for whoever came to see me at the Jersey WALK THROUGH, I appreciate it.”

In another post, Summer uploaded screenshots of the promoter confirmed to fans in comment sections that it’s not a show but a club hosting/appearance. “He lliterally had told y’all it wasn’t a performance, I don’t understand why I have to do this stupid s**t with plp. I be minding my business,” she penned.

In an alleged contract posted online by the promoter, the gig was indeed described as an appearance but there were specific details requiring the artist to “host for 60 minutes with a 2-3 song performance.”

However, Summer claimed the contract was fake. “U b***tching on live all for some clout. Sh*t really a hell of a drug,” she ranted. “I’ve done over 10 walk throughs this year and did exactly that, walked through. No issues.”

The promoter fired back, “If this a fake contract somebody tell me why she even came? Let alone grabbed the mic and fake sung for y’all with no effort.” He added, “Contract clearly say hosting with songs…we all know this wasn’t a show. I made it clear this was a club appearance and she was suppose(d) to perform a couple songs.”

His posts briefly disappeared from Instagram before they were accessible again. It caused doubt but he claimed he “only took the s**t down cause her manager begged me to take it down last night & said she was gonna do the same.” He continued, “Don’t trip we gonna settle in court and every weirdo d**k riding fall back.”

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