Song You Need to Know: Charly Bliss, ‘Heaven’

Brooklyn band Charly Bliss made one of last year’s best debuts with Guppy, a landslide of squeaky hooks and manicured guitar fuzz. “Heaven” is their first new music since then, and like Guppy the new song invites alt-rock comparisons — in this case, Weezer’s power-chorded 3/4-time chug.

But Charly Bliss also transcend those kind of comparisons by being very good at what they do. “Heaven” is blissed-out Charly Bliss: “our first love song,” as the band puts it. Singer Eva Hendricks’ floats along on a cloud of romance and distortion, then offers a pretty awesome vision of domesticity: “We set sail for stormy waters/I’m gonna buy a house and fill it with daughters and daughters and daughters and daughters and…”

The result is a ballad that cool kids could have slow-danced to at prom in 1995, if cool kids bothered to go to prom. “I was always worried that songwriting was something that only existed to me as a coping mechanism,” Hendricks explained recently, “and that once I was happy I wouldn’t have anything interesting to say or write about.” Contentment is a pretty good coping mechanism too. 

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