See Ariana Grande, Kid Cudi Perform 'Just Look Up' in Clip From 'Don't Look Up'

Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi perform their duet “Just Look Up” to an arena filled with people who are perhaps about to be crushed by an asteroid in a clip from Don’t Look Up, out today in theaters and Dec. 24 on Netflix. 

Despite the apocalyptic undertones of the concert, Grande (dressed and suspended above the stage like a comet of sorts) and Cudi show no trepidation as they perform to the packed audience, which includes Don’t Look Up stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence.

“Listen to the goddamn qualified scientists / We really fucked it up this time / It’s so close I can feel the heat big time / You can act like everything is alright but this is probably happening in real time,” Grande sings of the impending doom. “Celebrate, Or cry or pray / Whatever it takes to get you through the mess that we made /  Cause, tomorrow may never come!”

In addition to “Just Look Up,” the soundtrack for Don’t Look Up — out today — also features a new song by Bon Iver, “Second Nature”:

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