Rihanna Sends Megan Thee Stallion Gorgeous Flowers for a ‘Speedy Recovery’ After Shooting Incident

Megan, 25, recently revealed that she was shot in both of her feet a few weeks ago in what was "the worst experience of [her] life.” On July 12, the rapper was in the car with rapper Tory Lanez, who was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed firearm in a vehicle, TMZ reported.

During her Instagram Live on Monday, the "Hot Girl Summer" artist shared that she underwent surgery for the injuries in her feet.

"I was shot in both of my feet and I had to get surgery to get the s— taken out, to get the bullets taken out," she began, tearing up. "I had to get surgery. It was super scary."

"It was just the worst experience of my life and it’s not funny," she continued. "It's nothing to joke about and nothing for y’all to go and be making fake stories about. I didn't put my hands on nobody. I didn't deserve to get shot. I didn't do s—."

After composing herself, Megan hit back at some of the online trolls who have been "cracking jokes" about the shooting, saying, "I ain't never seen so many men chime in something that wasn't their motherf—ing business."

"What if your motherf—ing sister got shot? What if you What if your motherf—ing girlfriend got shot? What if you motherf—ing best friend got shot? Would you be cracking jokes then?" she asked. "It's just a respect thing. Shut the f— up when s— don't have nothing to do with you."

The singer first spoke about the shooting in an Instagram post on July 15, writing at the time that there had been "inaccurate" reports about the incident and she'd like to "set the record straight."

"On Sunday morning, I suffered gunshot wounds, as a result of a crime that was committed against me and done with the intention to physically harm me," she wrote at the time. "I was never arrested, the police officers drove me to the hospital where I underwent surgery to remove the bullets."

"I'm incredibly thankful to be alive and that I'm expected to make a full recovery, but it was important for me to clarify the details about this traumatic night," she concluded. "I'm currently focused on my recovery, so I can return back to my life and back to making music as soon as possible."

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