Ricky Gervais tells the Royal Family to ‘shove the knighthood’ in furious post

British comedian Ricky Gervais told the Royal Family that they could "shove the knighthood" in a furious Facebook post.

The 59-year-old confused fans with the swipe that landed on the very same day that the New Year's Honours list had been announced – with his name not featuring on the shortlist.

His blunt quip suggested that he would never receive an official honour, explaining that he was from a very humble working-class background and therefore wouldn't want one any way.

The national treasure is now reportedly worth more than £95million due to a number of successes with TV hits such as The Office, Derek and Netflix extravaganza After Life.

In his social media rant, the TV legend suggested that he now had enough money to not even want a knighthood.

His post read: "Dear The Royal Family, I am the son of an immigrant labourer who didn't have a pot to p*** in until I was 40.

"Now I’m Britain's most successful international comedian and I p*** in anything I want.

"You can shove the knighthood though. How about a lordship? Love your work. Ricky."

Ricky seemed to divide his legion of fans with the quip, with some not finding the funny side whereas others were insistent that it was just his dry "sense of humour".

One unimpressed Facebooker penned: "Have you actually been offered either? It should be for people who actually make a difference."

Another added: "Fair enough, get one for work to protect animals and animal welfare. It's pushing it a bit for comedy though. Let’s be fair."

While a third follower completely disagreed, as they explained to the others: "He's joking you muppets."

Meanwhile the iconic comedian recently sent the internet into a meltdown after he told fans during a live Twitter Q&A that he had been "toying with the idea" of bringing back David Brent to honour the 20th anniversary of The Office.

On the same platform he also confirmed that he had "three" new ideas for Netflix following the success of After life.

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