Piers Morgan hits out at ‘spineless’ anti-vaxxers as he gets Covid booster jab

Broadcaster Piers Morgan has taken a savage swipe at anti-vaxers and labelled them "spineless p***ies".

The former Good Morning Britain presenter recently took to Twitter to confirm that he had received his booster jab to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Posting a picture of himself on the social media platform wearing a face mask, Piers looked proud as he held up his vaccination card.

He penned: "BOOSTED! Thanks to everyone at St Charles Care Centre in North Kensington for splendidly efficient and rapid service today!

"Loads of people pouring in to get their jabs which was great to see."

The outspoken presenter then said: "PS memo to anti-vaxxers who now want to abuse me: **** off."

But Piers' venomous tongue didn't seem to stop there, as he jumped back on Twitter to post another message to his 7.9million followers.

He wrote: "Imagine being scared of having a safe, well-regulated, 4-second vaccine shot, when previous generations braved gun shots for years on end to save us all from tyranny? Anti-vaxxers really are a bunch of spineless p***ies."

But again, Piers was met with a mixed bag of responses.

One Twitter user penned: "It sounds to me like someone is just upset they got suckered into an experiment where you’re now being told you need a booster every 6 months because *shocker* they lied about the efficacy."

Another said: "Oh I m not scared of a vaccine at all. Stop labelling anyone who says no as anti-vax . Many just don’t see why they should be coerced into having one with the survival rate as 98% recovery. Save from Tyranny? Like now you mean?"

"Imagine taking a vaccine that doesn’t stop you getting a virus, that also doesn’t stop you from passing it on to someone else… and the point of it is….?" A third questioned.

But some were on Piers' side as one Twitter user commented: "Vaccinator here. Yes you can still catch, suffer and spread covid…. but the vaccine gives your body a 'heads up' so if you should contract it, it will know quickly how best to fight back therefore less likely to spread, be hospitalised or die…"

"It’s true but, fully vaxxed are much less likely to do so. Less likely to get it, less likely to pass it on," another added.

Since the vaccination became available to Brits, Piers has been an advocate of the jab.

Earlier this month, the presenter sarcastically revealed he had come up with a solution to get those against the vaccination on board.

He tweeted: "The best way to make anti-vaxxers take the covid jab is to mandate it for them NOT to have it – then they will furiously demand their freedom to have one.

"Those who refuse to be vaccinated, with no medical reason not to, should be refused NHS care if they then catch covid."

He also suggested that those who refuse the jab should pay for their own beds.

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