‘Permission to Dance’: BTS’ Accessories (Including Jin’s Hair Bow and Jungkook’s Lip Piercing) Steal the Show

It’s time for ARMYs to virtually dance with BTS. This October, the award-winning K-pop group held a live-streamed concert for fans. As a result, some attendees took to social media, sharing their love for certain fashion moments and surprising accessories. 

Here’s what ARMYs were talking about on social media regarding this virtual event. 

BTS appeared in a ‘Permission to Dance’ themed virtual concert experience 

They don’t need permission to dance. After weeks of anticipation, some ARMYs attended BTS’ virtual “Permission to Dance” concert experience, featuring Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

The setlist for this concert featured hits like “Boy With Luv” and, of course, “Permission to Dance.” The K-pop group also included fan-favorite tracks like “Save Me,” “I Need U,” and “Spring Day.” (Some ARMYs also noticed BTS didn’t perform solo or sub-unit songs — all seven members had a chance to shine.)

Although this boy band was socially distant from attendees, this concert was an experience available to ARMYs across the globe. Even Instagram posts regarding this event earned millions of likes from fans. 

Jungkook trended on social media as a result of the ‘Permission to Dance’ virtual event 

Several outfits caught fans’ attention. With an all-white sleeveless top, Jimin showcased his built arms. Although V couldn’t perform choreography due to an injury, the sunglasses worn by the vocalist sparked conversations among fans. 

As the youngest member of this K-pop group, Jungkook sported several eye-catching outfits and accessories. It’s no surprise that Jungkook’s crop top and his lip piercing (which may or may not be fake) also sparked conversation among fans.

The eyebrow piercing, which is confirmed to be real, also made a reappearance. After the idol debuted his new hair during soundcheck, the Golden Maknae became Twitter’s top trending topic worldwide.

BTS’ Jin sported a hair ribbon during the group’s ‘Permission to Dance’ virtual concert 

Jin may be the oldest BTS member, but he’s still young at heart. That childlike spirit shined during their “Permission to Dance” concert as the idol tied a green ribbon into his hair, keeping it in for a portion of the virtual event. 

“Turning thirty, it aches here and there, and I really want to hold more concerts before I become too old, and it becomes hard to keep up the energy as before,” Jin said, according to a transition from K-Pop Herald. “With the [Los Angeles] concert as the start, we’ll find more chances to meet you guys so please look forward.”

After months of virtual performances for ARMYs, BTS returns to Los Angeles for a mini-residency. The K-pop group hosts these “Permission to Dance” concerts at the SoFi Stadium on Nov. 27 and 28 and Dec. 1 and 2, with all tickets already selling out.

Music by BTS, including the song “Permission to Dance,” is available on most major streaming platforms. 

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