Our Yorkshire Farm Amanda Owen discusses ‘problems’ as farm ‘hasn’t felt right’

Fans love Our Yorkshire Farm and shepherdess Amanda Owen, 46, has always been honest about experiences on life on the farm.

Stunning Amanda has been talking about the “problems and issues” at Ravenseat over the course of the pandemic.

It wasn't all bad though, as the mum-of-nine said she loved the chance to be spend time with her whole family.

She talked to Welcome To Yorkshire, the “difficult and good parts” of lockdown.

"This year has been a very strange year, of course, with lockdown,” she explained.

“I’ve very much missed the people coming back – even though we live remotely and I suppose, as isolated as it gets, it really felt… there’s been a feeling in the air that things aren’t right.

"During lambing time, everything continued as normal because your focus is entirely on the sheep."

Amanda might have loved lockdown, but then when restrictions didn't lift fully in the summer it presented a whole new set of problems.

"But once we were past lambing time and into May, that’s usually when the tourists, the visitors come back and of course, they didn’t this year.

“So it presented its own kind of problems and issues,” she says.

“Of course, having nine children at home was one of the first ones and how much they actually consumed – I’d be having a panic attack every time I heard the fridge door go.

“But we’ve got ourselves into the rhythm of it, we’re battling all the usual things we would be battling, the elements, the rain, the sunshine, you name it.

"That is what we’re good at, being from Yorkshire, being farmers, we can turn our hands to anything,” Amanda explained.

Amanda regularly shares sweet snaps of the kids and their life on the farm, with fan favourite Tony the Pony.

From walks in the moors to wild swimming, it paints an idyllic portrait of life on the farm.

The family are careful to make sure the show is realistic though rather than making everything look easy.

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