New Order ignites Trinity as fans teach the new kids a lesson in laid-back partying

Post punk electro rock legends New Order ignited Trinity College as Generation X fans showed the kids over at Longitude a thing or two in laid-back partying.

Crowds from across Ireland and Europe attended the highly anticipated concert and the band showed they are still every inch the rock stars from the original dirty old town of Salford in Lancashire, who took to the world stage four decades ago.

As they launched the close of the Trinity Series of concerts in Dublin, the band played Academic from their 2015 album Music Complete and marked the 40th anniversary of the Unknown Pleasures album by Joy Division with Lost Control.

Lead singer Bernard Sumner asked fans: “Do we have any Joy Division fans out there?

“I’m not big into anniversaries but it’s been 40 years since this album came out.”

Uniting the generations, millennials who were hip enough to listen to their parents vinyl collection, danced at the back of the college grounds while Generation X fans got as near as possible to the front.

Some in the crowd had seen a little too much sunshine, as there were more than a few red faces among revellers but the atmosphere was extremely relaxed as dusk settled over Dublin.

The band, who saw the height of their fame in the ’80s with songs such as Blue Monday, sold out and tickets were like gold dust as many tried to buy tickets on social networks and ethical sale sites.

“Good songs aren’t they,” Sumner said and it didn’t seem anyone was going to disagree as the crowds soaked up the last of the sunshine on one of the warmest days of the year.

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