Natalie Bergman Taps Beck for 'You've Got a Woman' Cover, 'Paint the Rain' Remix

Singer-songwriter Natalie Bergman has linked up with Beck for a cover of Lion’s “You’ve Got a Woman,” while Beck has also shared a remix of Bergman’s “Paint the Rain.”

“You’ve Got a Woman” is a rare Seventies soul gem, which Beck and Bergman recreate with a simple guitar strum, hand drums and some dub-y percussion, and other atmospheric effects. Bergman leads the song in her falsetto, while Beck pops up to provide some backing vocals and harmonies.

In a statement, Bergman said of Beck, “He has always fostered a spirit of collaboration through music. Getting to work alongside him is a dream. He’s a visionary, and a true-blue friend. ‘You’ve Got a Woman’ is your new favorite summer jam!”

Beck’s remix of “Paint the Rain,” meanwhile, completely transforms the song’s bright instrumentals into a dense ballad led by acoustic guitar and packed with orchestral elements and synths, which give the song a cosmic feel.

The original version of “Paint the Rain” appears on Bergman’s debut solo album, Mercy, which was released in May via Third Man Records. The album came about as Bergman grappled with the sudden death of her father and stepmother, and in a statement, Beck praised the record by saying, “To overcome despair and rework it into a thing of beauty takes a kind of strength. As I hear songs created as the world was coming apart and in the aftermath of loss it seems to be even more miraculous when you consider its redemptive quality, which even comforts and uplifts, like the gospel music that inspired many of the songs.”

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