Naked Attraction star debuts results after Daddy moniker pushed him to surgery

Naked Attraction star Steven Barrett has opened up about his first surgery to help him look more youthful.

The OnlyFans influencer, 49, has revealed he underwent eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, as he was sick of being branded "Daddy".

The part-time Butler in the buff exclusively told us that he was always called "Daddy" on the job and it made him feel old in comparison to his colleague and best mate Jamie Nordin.

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Steve said: "Every time I go out to these butler events with my friend Jamie, I get a lot of the young girls call me 'Daddy' and I get the older women also.

"They say 'What butler do you like most?' and they point out and shout 'The Daddy!'"

He continued: "From Naked Attraction as well, the guy called me Daddy on there, it's stuck since then but I'm always pointed out as the older guy at events."

Steven then explained further why he went for the change and said: "I wanted the surgery done because I get a lot of inspiration from my best friend and Jamie looks so fresh and young and my eyelids did sag quite a lot.

"I've never had any surgery done in my life I've just dealt with what I've got until I went on the Send Nudes programme to talk about enlarging my penis, everyone seems to be having hair transplants and doing things, so why not me?

"I'm heading towards 50 now and I've got a great body like my friend who is 22, I've worked so hard on my body for the last 10 years so it was about time I worked on my face."

Talking about the healing process, the TV star said he had a long way to go but is thrilled with the results so far.

In six months, it will be perfect but even six days later I'm so happy with it. I just want to take the bandages off and start looking a bit fresher.

"Currently, it looks like I've been beaten up and people are staring at me, so I've had to explain to a lot of people.

"But it was good to have my best mate there as I felt very insecure about it but having someone else with me out and about was good."

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