MTV Accused of Manipulating 2022 VMAs Result by Awarding Jack Harlow’s ‘First Class’

Critics instantly slam the ceremony for rigging the results as they wonder why the Kentucky-born rapper won some of the big prizes which should be taken home by other music artists.

AceShowbizJack Harlow may be successful to make waves at the MTV VMAs this year, but some music fans are not happy about that. Many have since accused MTV of manipulating the result by giving award to his hit “First Class”.

Several legendary songs have been released in recent months. Beyonce Knowles, Charlie Puth with BTS (Bangtan Boys)’ Jungkook, Doja Cat, Future and Drake, Lizzo, Mulatto, Mariah Carey, Harry Styles, Nicki Minaj and Bad Bunny were among the candidates for Song of the Summer. The winner, however, was revealed to be Jack, for his song “First Class”.

The Song of the Summer category was added to the event in 2013 and is based on fan votes. Some critics believe that the result was unjust because there are many better songs than Jack’s. This includes Jungkook’s “Left and Right”, which had larger popularity than all other artists combined.

On Twitter, BTS fans wondered who would think Jack had more votes than Jungkook. “You mean Jack Harlow received the most votes out of everyone who nominated Nicki, Beyonce, and Doja?” one person questioned. Another added, “jack harlow winning over jungkook… for song of the summer… a fan voted category. the vmas being reallyyyyy transparent this year. like be fr please.”

Others, in the meantime, suggested Jack only won big because he was a co-host at the event. “Jack Harlow winning song of the summer when Beyonce, Jungkook, Nicki, Drake and Bad Bunny were nominated just proves that vmas are an attendance award bc u want us to believe his fans pulled more votes than armys barbz and bey hive,” one critic tweeted. Someone else chimed in, “loll they gave jack harlow song of the summer as expected from this rigged attendance award show. it’s the least relevant and prestigious usa award show for a reason.”

Jack took home four awards in total. The 24-year-old musician’s “First Class” won Song of the Summer, while his “Industry Baby” collaboration with Lil Nas X notched three awards for Best Collaboration, Best Art Direction and Best Visual Effects. He was nominated in a further four categories, including Artist of the Year, Best Choreography and the coveted Video of the Year.

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