Melissa Suffield defies trolls in lingerie by telling women ‘be beautiful’

Former EastEnders star turned parenting and body confidence influencer Melissa Suffield has defied trolls who say women have to fit a physical formula.

The stunning blonde beauty, 30, has previously said that she was "acutely aware" of her body, and under the name of "confidentmama" on Instagram has built up a more than 50,000 following since leaving the soap, in which she played Lucy Beale until 2010.

Melissa has previously been criticised for her online content being mistaken for plus-size-themed posts, and for posing in lingerie.

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Dressed in skimpy black lingerie, she said In her latest post: "You don’t have to fit a certain idea of beauty," adding: "You don’t have to possess a specific body type, or shape, or size, or feature.

"You don’t have to hide away because you fall short of an impossible standard (guess what, we all fall short of this standard).

"You are allowed to feel beautiful. And gorgeous, and sexy, and confident, and bold, and strong, and any other damn thing while you’re at it.

"You deserve to find that thing that you wear that makes you say 'Hell yes, I’m a goddamn rockstar'.

"So you find that underwear. And you put it on. And you admire every little bit of you, from the bits you love to the bits you hate. The bits you’ve been told you should hate, that you were made to believe are flaws.

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"You let yourself feel that warmth as you realise you feel amazing – ignore those little voices telling you you’re full of yourself. Good. So you should be. You sparkle."

Mum-of-one Melissa posted a question towards the end of her post, asking: "Have you ever talked yourself out of wearing something you loved because of how you looked?"

Fans responded positively to her latest message, with one saying: "This speaks to me. Usually just live in my grannie pants," and another commenting: "Yes yes yes I love this."

A third added: "Wish I could find nice affordable underwear. It’s hard when your big-boobed."


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