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Actress/singer Ashley Tisdale has been reduced to tears by fans’ reactions to her comeback song “Voices in My Head”.

The “High School Musical” star launched her pop return on Thursday, November 08, as she debuted the lead single from her upcoming album “Symptoms”, her first studio project in nine years, and as the song went live online, Ashley was an emotional mess.

“It’s Out in the World!!! Get #VoicesInMyHead,” she posted on Twitter. “I’m so overwhelmed with emotion. I hope you guys love it as much as I do.”

Ashley also revealed the track, which details issues with self-doubt, featured her “most vulnerable lyrics”, with lines like, “All the voices in my head/Always try to break me/F**k me up and change me/But talk is cheap/This is the last time/I listen to the voices in my head.”

Her devotees were quick to embrace the raw new tune, and their responses online really touched Tisdale’s heart.

“wow Ashley! The lyrics are so powerful and so true for me. Being trapped because of the voices that (are) trying to bring you down.. thank you for this song,” wrote one fan, to which the star replied, “This means so much to me!”

Another follower explained she was dancing in her kitchen to Voices in My Head “after a breakup & severe anxiety”, adding, “this is honestly the best thing I’ve done all week. Thank you so much for this track”.

“I’m actually crying,” Ashley tweeted back. “Thank you. This is why I (came) back to music”.

Symptoms has yet to be given an official release date, but it serve as the follow up to her last album, 2009’s Guilty Pleasure.

Since that project, she has dropped just two promotional singles, “You’re Always Here” in 2013, and 2016’s “Still Into You”, a cover of Paramore’s hit song, with her singer/songwriter husband Christopher French.

Ashley recently shared the inspiration behind her new material, admitting she turned her personal struggles with mental health into songwriting fodder as a form of therapy for herself and for her listeners.

“The inspiration behind (the album) was, I deal with anxiety, and I’ve dealt with it probably my whole life, but (I) became super aware of it over the last two years,” she told the audience at the Create & Cultivate Conference in Chicago, Illinois in August.

Hoping her music will help to soothe others facing similar issues, she added, “If someone at home can turn it on and not feel so alone, that’s all I can do. So I’m pretty excited about it.”

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