Lizzo Had the Most Heartwarming Acceptance Speech at the Grammy Awards

After a year of bumping Lizzo, it’s time to finally see if the Recording Academy is as obsessed with her as everyone else. And as we continue to troll shopping sites for affordable knockoffs of Lizzo’s stunning outfit and watch her performance for the ten-millionth time, let’s take a minute to appreciate the goodness that was her acceptance speech just now, which was honestly a real tear-jerker if I am honest.

Lizzo said:

But if you wanna watch the full thing instead, here’s the vid for your viewing pleasure:

Her speech comes after a crazy successful year that was unfortunately filled with a ton of fatphobic hate coming from trolls on Twitter and Jillian Michaels, who is supposed to be a fitness expert but wasn’t able to connect that Lizzo can be plus size, healthy, and able to perform full sets while hitting all the notes. Weird!

But aside from the unnecessary drama, this year, Lizzo is nominated for eight Grammys. Tonight, she still has a shot at taking home the award for Best Album, Best Song, Best New Artist, Best Record, Best R&B Performance, Best Traditional R&B Performance.

And aside from the Grammys, she’s already gearing up to have a huge year. On January 7, the “Good As Hell” singer shared that she will be the first woman to ever headline the main stage at Bonnaroo, which happens this summer.

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