Lisa Marie’s cousin speaks on missing her funeral at Elvis’ mansion

Lisa Marie Presley speaks at Graceland on Elvis's birthday

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Lisa Marie Presley’s died just a few days after honouring her father Elvis Presley’s 88th birthday celebrations at Graceland last month. The 54-year-old’s funeral two weeks later was open to the public, with her mother Priscilla and daughters Riley, Harper and Finley sitting in the front row. Although they weren’t directly invited, very close members of her family who were a big part of Elvis’ life could have attended but chose not to. Now her cousin and childhood playmate has spoken out on why.

One of Elvis’ closest Memphis Mafia members was his cousin Billy Smith, who knew The King before he was famous and travelled with him when the family moved from Mississippi to Tennessee. The King’s close relative ended up living in a trailer on the Graceland estate with his wife Jo and two sons Danny and Joey. The boys were childhood friends of Lisa Marie and spent a number of years running amok all over the grounds surrounding the lavish mansion.

Elvis would sleep all day and be up all night, so the group of Memphis Mafia kids would ride around on golf carts and be extra cheeky with the maids and extended family members expected to look after them. Danny, who has his own YouTube channel called Memphis Mafia Kid, has been sharing memories of Lisa Marie following her death and addressed why he didn’t attend her funeral.

Danny spoke of Lisa Marie’s favourite Slurpee flavours being coke and cherry, before getting on to the subject of the memorial service.

Following her death, he confirmed that he watched the funeral of his famous cousin, who he’s not seen in decades, with his parents Billy and Jo on the live stream that Graceland made available to the public.

He shared: “Had we been invited, I’m still not sure if I would have actually went… I hope I don’t come across in the wrong way, but let me just say this: if we would’ve wanted to go, then I can promise you I would have been there and nothing or nobody or anything would have stopped me. I just felt in my heart…it wasn’t something that I felt inside, I’ll be honest. I watched the memorial with Mom and Daddy. That was good and comforting and us just being together.”

Lisa Marie’s cousin also clarified that there was no anger or hatred between the Smith and Presley families, despite previous videos of his parents appearing dissatisfied with not being invited to the Graceland premiere of the Elvis movie last year. 

In a previous video, Danny was asked if he would visit Lisa Marie’s grave in Graceland’s Meditation Garden, which is open to the public. He said: “Yes we definitely will… I want to go up there and spend the time that I feel like I want to spend and get that done to help complete my life, if that’s the right words. I think you all know what I mean…in my heart I would say that I know that I cherished every single minute of [my time with her] and wouldn’t take anything in the world for it.”


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