Lil Pump’s Fan Steals Attention With His Wheelchair Tricks During Concert

After a security member helped the fan to sit back on his wheelchair once he’s on the stage, he showed off some stunts like backflips, handstands as well as push-ups.

AceShowbizLil Pump has invited a fan in a wheelchair onstage. Much to everyone’s surprise, the said fan hyped up the show even more after he flaunted his wheelchair tricks while the “Gucci Gang” rapper was performing.

In a video shared on TikTok, Pump was seen performing at the Festival Metro Metro in Montreal, Canada. The emcee later asked the man to join him onstage. “I saw my boy in the crowd so I had to bring him up,” so read the caption of the clip.

After a security member helped the fan to sit back on his wheelchair, he showed off some stunts like backflips, handstands and even push-ups. It prompted the concertgoers to erupt in cheers.

Many on social media also praised the individual. “He’s a beast [fire emojis] God bless him,” one person gushed, while another raved, “Okay I DID NOT EXPECT THAT!! Bring him on tour.” A third added, “If ‘nothing can hold me back’ was a person!!!! I love that for him.”

Someone else chimed in, “Love that that’s real of them crowd and he actually a good prop too bra lit on stage.” A different user, in the meantime, noted, “This stuff like this is inspiring. This made my day fasho, god bless em both.”

Pump’s fan was later identified as a professional athlete named Woody Belfort, who has a form of cerebral palsy that limits the use of his legs. However, he didn’t let his condition hold him back from participating in activities like rock climbing, basketball and bodybuilding.

“My ultimate goal is to change the way society views people living with physical disabilities,” Woody said while sharing his inspiring story. “Many people judge the limits of others subconsciously, because of their abilities. But it’s up to us to define our own limits, and challenge them! It’s up to us to choose what we want to accomplish, even when the idea seems out of this world.”

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