Katie Price slams trolls who accused her of faking her horrifying injuries

Katie Price has slammed trolls who have accused her of faking her brutal injury.

The 42-year-old former glamour model suffered a painful accident on holiday which resulted in her breaking both of her feet and ankles.

She revealed that she's received online hate after the ordeal in a candid YouTube video.

The online clip saw the mum-of-five sat on her sofa at home, with her pink and purple glitter casts on display.

She slammed trolls who accused her of faking her injuries, as she said: "I have my operation on Friday. People don't think I've broken my feet or my ankles.

"But why do I have to justify? If I say I've broken my feet, I've broken them. Why would I lie about it or get sympathy for that? I mean, that is wrong.

"They think I have bunions. I have the most perfect feet normally – they're the best thing about me and they're real."

Kate suffered the painful incident jumping off a wall at theme park Land of Legends in Turkey.

Katie also revealed that her injury could result in herself suffering from pain and arthritis in her feet for the rest of her life.

She explained: "The doctors have said it's one of the worst breaks you can do in your feet.

"Yeah it's very painful. For the rest of my life now I'm going to have pain in my feet."

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The video also saw her go out to lunch with her boyfriend Carl Woods, four days before a serious operation on her feet, the 42-year-old said: "So the update on my feet.

"They are saying two years for me to be properly back on my feet after rehabilitation and stuff."

The clip which saw her reclining on the sofa was filmed just one day before her operation.

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