Katie Price ‘bans booze and sees therapist’ after being ‘used and abused’

Katie Price has vowed to never go back to her wild party-loving ways and make 2021 her year by banning booze.

The former glamour model and reality TV regular says she has completely stopped drinking and regularly sees a therapist to help her keep on the straight and narrow.

Katie says during her darkest days she was “used and abused both mentally and physically” but now feels stronger than ever.

Speaking at the launch of her new bath bomb business Scented by Katie Price, the mum-of-five said: “I am back to me again.

“Since coming out of The Priory I am back to where I was 10 years ago. I am so focused.

“I don’t even drink. I can’t remember when I last had a drink. It’s honestly a new me.

“It is about time I had good luck. I am in control. I am doing what I want and I do it better when no one is telling me what to do. I will never hit rock bottom again, ever.

“I still speak to a therapist about the past and stuff but it will never ever happen again.”

Katie was admitted to The Priory in 2019 after turning to alcohol and Class A drug cocaine to cope with her struggles.

Explaining how she was forced to change her life from top to bottom after being “used and abused”, Katie continued: “I’ve got rid of so many people in my life.

“I have been used and abused mentally and physically and it makes you realise when you go through stuff who the real people are around you.

“My circle is so tight and it is the best way to be. Me and Carl are so tight and that is what I need.

“Other people were trying to feed off my success for their own benefits but all of that is now in the past. I do not care about the past. Now this is the future.”

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