Kate Greville’s relationship with Ryan Giggs from affair to assault allegation

The relationship between Ryan Giggs and Kate Greville has been making headlines recently as the footballer stood trial for an alleged assault against his former girlfriend, which he denies.

Kate accused Giggs of headbutting her during an altercation in November 2020 and of using controlling behaviour. He was also accused of assaulting her sister, Emma, during the same incident.

The former Manchester United player has denied physically assaulting either of the women and said that he didn't use controlling or coercive behavior.

The jury in the domestic assault trial have now been discharged after they failed to reach a verdict on any of the three counts that he was facing.

Now, the former Manchester United player could face a retrial and the Crown Prosecution Service has a week to decide whether to pursue the trial.

As the case remains up in the air, here's who Kate Greville is and how her relationship with Ryan Giggs began.

Who is Kate Greville?

Kate Greville is Ryan Giggs' ex-girlfriend.

The 37-year-old is a PR executive who previously worked for marketing agency Tangerine and has worked in Abu Dhabi and Manchester.

In 2015 Kate moved to Abu Dhabi to set up an office for Q Communications but returned to the UK in 2018 and became the director of PR and communications at GG Hospitality — the hospitality management company co-owned by Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville.

In 2020 she left that role and began working for Q Communications again as she became a managing partner for the company's UK offices in Manchester and London.

How did Kate Greville meet Ryan Giggs?

Kate was first linked to the footballer back in 2015, however, they didn't go public with their relationship until 2018.

The pair are believed to have met in 2013 when the PR agency that Greville was working for was selected to launch the Hotel Football project of which Giggs is co-owner.

Speaking in court about their first meeting, Giggs said: "The first time I met Kate I was instantly attracted to her. I thought she was attractive, I thought she was intelligent and funny and right from the beginning it was a professional relationship. We seemed to get on straight away."

Both Greville and Giggs were married when they first met and Kate's husband, Damian Burke, blamed Giggs for their divorce in 2015.

The Sun reported that Damian told a mutual friend of the couple that there were three of them in the relationship and said: "Giggs ended our marriage — it’s as simple as that. She and him were both as bad as each other.

“She could have been throwing herself at him and he would have been lapping it up. She always fancied herself as a WAG."

During the recent trial, the court heard how the pair had first slept together at the end of 2014. Giggs' defence barrister also claimed that the footballer's marriage broke down when the affair with Greville was leaked to the press in 2016.

In 2017, Giggs finalised his divorce from Stacey, his wife of 10 years, and in 2018 took his relationship with Kate public when they were pictured holidaying together in Italy.

Kate Greville and Ryan Giggs' relationship

In court the pair were described as having a "rollercoaster-type relationship" that was "very on-and-off".

Although their romance began in 2014, Kate told the court that she left for Abu Dhabi in 2015 to "get away" as she claimed that the ex-footballer had lied to her about leaving his wife.

During the trial, Kate said that Giggs had been "nice" to her for most of their relationship, but alleged this changed when they started living together.

The couple moved in together during the March 2020 lockdown, during which Kate told the jury that Giggs was "aggressive regularly". She also claimed that he “isolated me from certain people” and “interfered with my ability to interact with my family and elements of my social life”.

In November 2020, Giggs was arrested when police were called following an altercation at the couple's home in Manchester.

Greville accused him of headbutting her after they had a row where she confronted him about messaging a string of women. He was also accused of elbowing her sister in the jaw during the altercation.

Giggs denied Greville's account of the incident; he claimed that the altercation was a “sort of tug-of-war” and that there was "minor contact".

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