K-Pop idol Wonho on his fans, his powerful performance and new styles

Wonho is truly a singer who lives and breathes for his fans.

The K-Pop soloist recently performed in London on the last date of his first European tour, Façade, after dates in Germany and Spain.

While reuniting with his fans – known as Wenee – was special enough, the London date fell on the second anniversary of his debut.

As Daily Star sat down for an exclusive chat with Wonho backstage ahead of the show at London's Indigo at the O2, he said: "I'm very excited – I feel quite weird because the dates are matching together.

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"I'm very happy, and I want to share this emotion with fans together."

Wonho's solo debut, with Open Mind, came on September 4, 2020, as the world was in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since then, the world has slowly opened up again, which has meant Wonho has been able to perform his music to fans around the world for the first time.

"This hasn't happened for the last three years, this is the first time," he told us, "so I'm trying to give some happiness to fans. That's what I'm really trying to achieve."

Wonho held two virtual concerts during the pandemic – IWonhoyou and Weneedlove – but it's clear he's been craving the experience of being in front of an adoring crowd.

He told us: "I've been really grateful for the fans, who have been waiting for my comeback here. I'm very thankful."

Each show included Wonho's most well-known songs, including Open Mind, Lose, Blue, Eye On You and Crazy, as well as a long list of album tracks.

But it's the track Open Mind which Wonho admitted he enjoyed performing on tour the most, explaining there were "three reasons".

"I debuted with this song, and through it I express myself well," he told us. "It's also one of my most-loved songs by fans."

Unsurprisingly, the crowd's screams and cheers filled the intimate venue when Wonho performed that track, as well as everything else on the set list.

And while he's been nominated for and won a number of awards during his career, it is moments with his fans that he feels the most proud of.

Wonho said that although he was proud of "every moment", that "in particular when fans are cheering for me on stage".

Throughout the concert, Wonho showed off a number of sides to himself – the powerful performer, the talented vocalist and the thoughtful master of the stage, taking plenty of time to speak to his fans.

There were also a number of outfit changes, though each gave fans a glimpse of his gym-honed muscles, something he described to us as his "identity".

Wonho told us: "I'm trying to show myself that I haven't changed at all."

His stage outfits were reminiscent of costumes he has worn in his music videos, with him explaining that he discussed in detail with his team what the "best fit" would be, and that things were specially designed and purchased.

They allowed him smooth movement as he danced, making his strong choreography look both dynamic and easy at the same time.

"For me, it's kind of natural," Wonho admitted. "I've been doing this for many years, performed many times, so it's just part of me."

One thing he hasn't yet done, though, which he'd like to, is try "Salsa, American" music through his releases, after going for "rock" or "hip-hop" vibes previously.

And it's clear the love from his fans is what keeps him going, as he said their pictures and letters are where he gets his inspiration.

His fans are also the reason he is involved in more than just the performing of his music, as he has had countless credits in the writing and arrangement of his releases.

"It's a commitment to my fans that I'm composing music," he told us, "so I keep doing it for them."


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