Jeremy Clarkson slammed for claiming his honey booze is ‘nutritious’

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    Jeremy Clarkson has been critcised for claiming his booze is good for drinkers.

    The former Top Gear presenter, who runs Diddly Squat farm shop with his partner Lisa, is selling rum made from honey.

    And emails sent to would-be customers say of the booze, which costs £19.50 for 20cl: “Made with honey from Diddly Squat Farm bees, we are thrilled to add this delicious rum to our Bee Juice booze collection.

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    “Incredibly smooth, and as Jeremy says, ‘It’s delicious ’n’ nutritious’.

    “Enjoy straight up, over ice, or Lisa’s favourite; pour over fruit for the ultimate pudding. Let us know how you get on!”

    But last night alcohol counsellor Liz Greenwood told us: “This is a very reckless statement. Alcohol is dangerous and in no way nutritious.

    “It causes harm to countless individuals and families. Jeremy Clarkson should not be passing off booze as some kind of health food.”

    He’s also knocking out £39 bottles of Cow Juice Vodka from his farm shop in Chipping Norton, West Oxfordshire.

    Jezza’s 40% grog is made from whey – the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. It is a by-product of cheese-making.

    He tells buyers: “Did you know that our springs on Diddly Squat Farm feed into the village of Chadlington, named after St Chad, the patron saint of Healing Springs.

    “We can’t claim that our vodka can heal ALL your ailments but we can say it’s by far the smoothest vodka in the coolest bottle, on the market.

    “Distilled from whey, also used in protein drinks, ensures this Vodka is the greenest of all green mile vodka out there and the bottle is a keeper too.

    “Drink chilled, straight up, over ice, or in a cocktail.” ends

    This comes after Jeremy Clarkson warned people who bought his cider not to handle bottles without goggles.

    He took to Twitter to say: "There’s been a massive c*** up and as a result, there’s a very slim chance, some of our Hawkstone CIDER bottles might, there’s no easy way of saying this, explode. If the cap has the code L3160, open it underwater, pour it away and get in touch for a refund. [email protected]

    "Really sorry about this but on the upside, the beer is fine and still delicious. As is the cider, in bottles that are unaffected. Which is almost all of them.

    "This is important. If you have any Hawkstone cider at home, please please please check the cap. If it has the code L3160, email us at [email protected] for help and advice.

    "Do not handle the bottles unless you are wearing protective clothing and goggles."

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