It's Harry Styles' Turn to Say 'Good Night' in Cozy Bedtime Story Read Along

At the opening of his latest single “As It Was,” Harry Styles’ goddaughter gleefully urges: “Come on, Harry, we want to say ‘good night’ to you!” As it turns out, the singer has been keeping some elite bedtime storytelling skills as a trick up his sleeve. On the latest episode of CBeebies children’s series “Bedtime Stories,” Styles gets cozy in his pajamas to read Jess Hitchman’s In Every House, On Every Street before turning in.

“I love it here, I like to listen to music and read, hangout with my friends,” he welcomes from a big yellow chair before diving into the story. “Tonight’s bedtime story is about a house full of love and laughter.”

Accompanied by illustrations from Lili La Baleine, Styles rattles through all the nooks and crannies of the homes that make up the families of a community. Hitchman’s story is one of precious moments in the kitchen, dining room scavenger hunts, living room jam sessions, and funny faces pulled in bathroom mirrors. The listing goes on and on, making for a perfect sleep time remedy when paired with Styles’ naturally dawdling drawl that drags every sentence out at a sluggish pace.

Styles whipped up a couple of lists and stories of his own on his new third studio album Harry’s House, but none that are quite suitable for a children’s bedtime story. There’s the childhood trauma musings on “Matilda” (“Matilda, you talk of the pain like it’s all alright/But I know that you feel like a piece of you’s dead insidе”) and a wicked list of miscellaneous thoughts on “Keep Driving” (“Wine glass, puff pass/Tea with cyborgs/Riot America/ Science and edibles/Life hacks going viral in the bathroom/Cocaine, side boob”) — all better left for the grown ups.

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