Harry Potter icon Warwick Davis opens up on co-star wife’s horror sepsis battle

Harry Potter star Warwick Davis has taken part in an emotional video sharing the details of his wife's ongoing health condition.

Warwick's wife Samantha was once left fearing she was going to lose her life after battling sepsis, after being struck down by a trio of sepsis, meningitis and Strep B infections in 2018.

In a new campaign, the actor has delivered a monologue in the video detailing the pain that people who suffer from sepsis have to endure.

Warwick voiced the powerful script which was curated from multiple families, survivors and sufferers of sepsis.

The powerful three-minute video was created by Green Flag in support of its charity partner The UK Sepsis Trust.

Warwick, who is famous for his roles in Harry Potter as Hogwarts teacher Professor Filius Flitwick, believes it is important to spread the message of the campaign.

He met his wife while filming Willow, where Samantha and her brother Peter had small roles as Nelwyn villagers.

The actor, 53, told the Daily Star exclusively that he wanted to spread "more awareness about the danger of sepsis and how it can affect anyone".

He also added that he would like fans to "spread the word of sepsis" and to "look for out for friends and loved ones".

The video has been released in time with The UK Sepsis Trust’s 10th anniversary.

In a further comment, Warwick said: "The UK Sepsis Trust is a charity that is close to my heart, and I was made more aware of the condition through my acting career. It’s astonishing how many people are affected by sepsis on a day-to-day basis, and I’m honoured to help spread the message to ensure as many people as possible know there is a place to go for support and guidance.”

There are an estimated 245,000 cases of sepsis in the UK and it is reported that around 48,000 people lose their lives.

Talking about the campaign, Ron Daniels from The UK Sepsis Trust also said: "The key to saving lives from sepsis lies in communication – in raising awareness and empowering people to access healthcare quickly. With support from Green Flag, we are physically bringing to life stories of the people we try our best to help daily, which is something truly special.

"We want people to understand how sepsis can impact anyone and everyone, and with the help of Green Flag, we are able to shine a light on these individuals and give them a voice that they have never had before. Everyone knows someone affected by sepsis – now it’s time to empower everyone to act."

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