Go Behind the Scenes of Monsta X's Epic From Seoul With Luv Virtual Concert

K-pop supergroup Monsta X gave E! News an exclusive look inside their latest concert, which aired virtually and marked their only live performance of the year after they postponed their tour.

Monbebe, this one's for you. 

K-pop supergroup Monsta X just gave E! News an exclusive look inside their latest concert, From Seoul With Luv, which aired virtually on Aug. 8 via LiveXLive. The sold-out spectacle marked Monsta X's only live performance of the year after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the postponement of their tour. 

Monsta X's fandom, otherwise known as Monbebe, tuned in to see the guys perform songs from their English-language album, All About Luv, as well as their endless Korean hits. Additionally, newly revealed stages for "HAPPY WITHOUT ME" and "MISBEHAVE" let each member express how much their devoted fans mean to them. 

Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney and I.M. also shared never-before-seen selfies and personalized messages with us. 

Check out Monsta X's photo diary below!

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"We will meet again soon in person Monbebe!"

"Even though you weren't there physically Monbebe, I felt your energy still."

"Did you have fun during the concert from home?"

"I had so much fun performing for you all."

"I was so happy knowing our fans were watching."

"Monbebe, did you have your lightsticks with you?"

"Love you always."

"Let's entertain!"

"Did you have fun with us? Can't wait to see you with my eyes."

"We performed 'FANTASIA' at the concert, too!"

"Having a concert is always fun."

"Did you have fun with us? Everybody stay safe."

"How did you like our performances? Let's have another happy day."

"What was your favorite song that we performed?"

"Thank you for tuning in Monbebe! WE LOVE YOU!" 

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