Gemma Collins expects her future dates to provide a chauffeur-driven Bentley

Gemma Collins certainly proved to be a true Diva Forever, as she revealed her high expectations when it comes to future dating hopefuls.

Men wanting to get in her good books, will need to provide "the works" if anticipating to get their romance with GC off to any kind of start.

The 39-year-old, who has reportedly rekindled her love with her former flame James Argent, made it quite clear that any love interests will have to dig deep into their pockets to win her over.

A trip to the local pub will no longer cut it, with the reality queen now demanding a "chauffeur-driven Bentley" and "thousands of roses".

Not holding back on her intentions, she told The Sun Online: "I expect the works.

"You know why? It comes from a place of true love. I just don't think popping down the pub for a pint is really what you would do when you are taking me out.

"I mean, I'd expect a chauffeur-driven Bentley, I'd expect my favourite bottle of perfume, and I'd expect the car to smell of nice perfume when I got in it.

Gem also shared that she wants to be given "thousands of roses" from any potential suitors.

The TOWIE icon went on: "Expectations are a funny thing because I expect someone that dates me to be so enthusiastic, so into spoiling me, so into making every day amazing, that is going to be a lot of pressure for that person."

Her candid comment could have been a cryptic warning for her former on-screen boyfriend James Argent after it was claimed to pair had got their relationship back on track again.

It's unknown if Arg did manage to work some of his magic, laying on thousands of flowers and a chauffeur but the pair were spotted enjoying a "flirty" dinner date last month.

A source reported to that Arg is completely head over heels for Gemma and wants to win her back.

They told The Sun: "Arg confessed he's so in love with her and wants to be with her forever."

Back in July, Gemma was left in pieces after Arg took insight from Will Smith's open marriage and suggested he'd like the same.

At the time, a source explained: "Arg went to Spain and he told Gemma that he wants to go back there forever and be in an open relationship.

"Gemma is completely shocked and has been left absolutely heartbroken, especially after sticking by him for so long.

"Gemma feels like she’s done everything she possibly can to help Arg but enough is enough. He said that he wants to stay in Spain for good which is worrying as he is known to have suffered relapses there in the past."

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