Emma Bunton claims Spice Girls are stronger as ‘four-piece’ after sell-out tour

Baby Spice, Emma Bunton, has claimed that the group was stronger without Victoria Beckham who famously didn't reunite the Spice Girls.

Emma reunited with her bandmates this summer, which saw Victoria Beckham opt-out of their reunion tour, citing prior commitments.

Baby Spice, 43, claimed that the band was "really strong" as a four-piece, without Victoria.

She also shockingly revealed that the group had no plans to return to being a five-piece and will continue as a four-piece.

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Speaking to The Sun, the mum-of-two said: "Having done the stadium tour we felt really strong as a four-piece.

"That is probably what we will stick to now."

Despite these claims, she did confess that it would be "amazing" for fashion megastar, Victoria, to perform with her bandmates once again.

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Emma went on to say: "If she'd like to join us for a show, that would be amazing. But I'm not sure it's what she has in mind."

It's believed that Victoria allegedly profited a hefty £30,000 from the Spice Girls sell-out tour thanks to licensing rights.

Victoria, 45, has since left the music scene and has established herself as a respected fashion designer, dressing the likes of The Duchess of Sussex, The Countess of Wessex and Lady Gaga.

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Recently, Melanie Chisholm has admitted she was nearly sacked from the Spice Girls after she told Victoria to "f**k off".

Whiston born Melanie claims that the outburst almost saw her kicked out of the world's biggest girl band after she allegedly upset Victoria.

Sporty Spice claims she got a "bit lairy" after the group attended the 1996 Brit Awards, five months before they catapulted to fame with their hit, Wannabe.

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Speaking to The Guardian, Melanie said: "I got a bit lairy and I told Victoria to f**k off."

She went on to say that she was given a word of warning that if it happened again, she would be facing elimination from the band.

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