Elvis Presley ‘still alive’ theories – spy job, Home Alone and dodging the mafia

He died 45 years ago on August 16 – but is Elvis Presley still walking among us?

Millions of fans were devastated when the King suddenly left the building for good on August 16, 1977, at the age of 42.

Despite official reports confirming the cause of death as heart failure, plenty of people reckon the rhinestone-clad singer – played by Austin Butler in the recent film Elvis – is still out there.

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Here Daily Star looks at the mysteries and conspiracy theories surrounding the star.

The wax dummy and misspelled tombstone

Several guests at his funeral stated the body in the coffin did not look like Elvis, with a differently shaped nose and eyebrows and smooth hands rather than the calloused mitts the King had thanks to his martial arts practice.

His tombstone bears the name “Elvis Aaron Presley” rather than “Aron” as the singer spelled his middle name.

Some speculated the superstitious star didn’t want his name on a fake grave.

The black helicopter

Some conspiracy theorists claim a black helicopter, which landed in Graceland hours before his body was found, had spirited Elvis away to Bermuda.

Also puzzling was a man who, on the day of Elvis’s death, bought a plane ticket from Memphis to Argentina using the name Jon Burrows, the pseudonym the King used when checking into hotels.

The groundsman

After faking his death and disappearing, it’s claimed Elvis could have returned to live at Graceland disguised as the groundskeeper.

In 2016, a video emerged of a bearded man wearing a baseball cap at Graceland which many fans believed was the elderly singer.

The minister

Bob Joyce, a singing pastor in Arkansas, US, bears a striking resemblance to the King and even sounds like him – but has denied being Elvis.

Home Alone

The star was rumoured to have been spotted in the background of an airport scene in the 1990 film Home Alone – a bearded figure behind Catherine O’Hara as her character argues with an airline employee.


During the late 80s, there was a spate of “sightings” in Kalamazoo, Michigan. “Elvis” was seen wearing a white jumpsuit and ordering a Whopper at the local Burger King.

Dodging the mafia

Another popular theory is Elvis faked his death to escape the mob. Gail Brewer-Giorgio’s 1988 book Is Elvis Alive? examines FBI documents suggesting he may have gone into witness protection.

She claimed he was enlisted as an undercover agent to infiltrate a criminal organisation called The Fraternity, but had to disappear after he was suspected of being a mole.

Elvis was a spy

According to radio DJ “Whispering” Bob Harris, Elvis was told to spy on John Lennon by President Richard Nixon.

He claimed Elvis snooped on the Beatle in New York in the 1970s because Nixon – a pal of Elvis – loathed him for his criticism of the Vietnam War and wanted him out of the country.

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