Elvis: Incredible memories of flying on Lisa Marie private jet with King shared by family

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Elvis Presley fans visiting Graceland today can tour not only the mansion but also his private plane. The King purchased the Convair 880 jet from Delta Airlines in April 1975 for an unbelievable sum of $250,000 ($1.3 million today). This came to a whopping total of $600,000 ($3.1 million today) when the refurbishing was completed by the same team who had recently customised Air Force One. Naming the rebooted aircraft the Lisa Marie after his only child, The King had a penthouse bedroom fitted in the back with a custom-made queen size bed and executive ensuite bathroom – complete with a gold-plated sink and taps, plus a hairstyling chair.

Being a television fanatic, Elvis had four TVs linked together by a videotape system and installed a stereo system with 52 speakers.

The Lisa Marie, nicknamed Hound Dog One, featured a conference room and could fly a maximum of 29 people.

Elvis also referred to the plane as “The Pride of Elvis Presley Airways” and “My Flying Graceland” as he travelled across the USA on tour. In 1976, the last full year of his life, the total operating costs for the aircraft was a whopping $404,000 ($1.9 million today).

Now one of The King’s family members has shared special memories of flying with The King on the Lisa Marie.

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