Elvis Graceland upstairs: The time Lisa Marie dared to wake up King ‘You did NOT do that’

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Having moved into Graceland in 1957, Elvis Presley had a privacy wall added to the first-floor landing with one-way mirrors. His Memphis Mafia were welcome to hang out around the mansion, but they had to be personally invited by The King himself into his private sanctuary. In his upstairs bedroom, the star kept the airflow cold and had access to a number of TVs as he chilled out on his gigantic custom-made bed.

But when dawn came, Elvis would head to bed to sleep all day, being the night owl he always was.

Meanwhile, his daughter Lisa Marie would run amok around Graceland getting up to all sorts of mischief with the children of the Memphis Mafia.

But one time The King’s only child actually dared to wake her famous father up, having been egged on by her friends.

It turns out the main reason was to override a decision made by her grandfather, Vernon Presley.

Vernon ran the business side of Graceland for Elvis, with his office being located behind the mansion to this day.

Danny Smith, the son of The King’s cousin Billy, who grew up at Graceland with Lisa Marie remembered: “[Vernon] was a lot like Elvis. He had a great sense of humour, however, he was in my opinion a little different from Elvis.

“He was more on the business side. I’m sure it was a stress and struggle but also kind of funny at times as a kid.

“I’ll tell you one time he had cut back on the golf carts and us riding as far as he narrowed it down to just us having one golf cart and all of us riding on that.”


The reason was with high gas prices in the 1970s, Vernon thought he could save some money by only letting the kids ride a single golf cart.

Danny continued in his new YouTube video: “However, we just wasn’t happy with that… and so we got to talkin’ all of us and Lisa.

“It was more fun having several chasing each other. So we kind of boosted her up and she actually went upstairs and woke Elvis up, which wasn’t the thing to do.

“And that day I think there was a phone call made…long story short in a short time there was Earl Pritchett, Aunt Nash’s husband and Mike McGregor had got some more golf carts out, fuelled them up and we went to riding from then on.”

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Fans will know Aunt Nash was Nashval Presley, Vernon’s sister and Mike McGregor took care of Elvis’ horses and designed the TCB necklaces.

Danny added: “I don’t know exactly what Elvis said or did but they were out and from that point on we always had several to ride on!”

Sometimes Lisa and the Memphis Mafia kids would fill up one of the golf carts with big green walnuts to throw at fans standing by Graceland’s gates, but luckily no one was hit.

To this day, The King’s daughter enjoys riding the golf carts with her family when visiting the mansion that her father left to her.

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