Elvis’ ex Linda Thompson shares what King smelt of and what kissing him was like

Elvis Presley was ’nuzzling’ against me says Linda Thompson

Elvis Presley dated many women in his short 42 years and one of the longest and most famous relationships he had was with Linda Thompson.

The Miss Tennessee model lived at Graceland with The King from 1972-76 and she often shares fond memories of her time with the megastar.

Speaking at Elvis Week 2023, the 73-year-old described to fans what it was like to kiss the music icon, who died in 1977.

Linda said: “If you take two big fluffy marshmallows, put them together and the sweetness and the softness that they are… and you just kiss those marshmallows… that’s the closest thing I could come to imagining what it would be like kissing Elvis. Because he did have the softest and sweetest lips.”

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Linda added: “He was so wonderfully affectionate that I know how lucky I am and how blessed to have those memories and to be able to close my eyes and imagine those kisses.”

“And he always had good breath, I don’t know how. He always always had good breath.”

She then went on to share exactly what everyday product Elvis constantly smelt of.

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Linda said: “He smelled of Neutrogena soap. He only used the original Neutrogena soap.

“So he always had that essence of that clean, fresh smell of Neutrogena soap.

“Their sales are gonna go up aren’t they? You’re welcome Neutrogena!”

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