Disney fans are only just understanding the very adult joke in Toy Story 2

Disney fans are realising there is a very adult joke in Toy Story 2 that went completely over their heads as kids.

The beloved franchise often includes jokes that only older audience members will understand, such as the "hooker" in the original Toy Story.

And it turns out the sequel to the Pixar film also includes a rather naughty joke, this time involving Buzz Lightyear himself.

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One TikTok user is making it their mission to expose the dirty jokes in kids films and fans can't believe they ever missed them.

The Toy Story 2 moment in question involves Buzz, voiced by Tim Allen, and cowgirl Jessie, voiced by Joan Cusack.

The scene, from the 1999 movie, appears very innocent until you grow older and understand human bodily functions a little better.

In it, Jessie needs to open a door so that Andy's dog can get out of the room, so comes up with a crazy stunt.

The character, who was introduced in the movie, grabs a toy car and flies down a ramp before launching herself at the door handle to open it.

An amazed Buzz stands there watching her and after she completes the stunt his wings pop out and start flashing.

Looking back, it's clear that Buzz was rather excited by Jessie – but it went completely over kids' heads at the time.

Fans have been joking about the moment, with one saying: "Buzz got a woody."

Another said: "I just realised, OMG."

And a third laughed: "Buzz wants to go all the way and beyond."

Toy Story isn't the only Disney franchise to feature naughty jokes though.

Family-friendly Frozen II hints at a leather fetish for Anna, Inside Out has a subtle nod towards gay sub-cultures in San Francisco, and Cars features two vehicular characters "flashing" Lightning McQueen.


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