Davina McCall’s raciest wardrobe blunders – flashing boobs and see-through dress

Davina McCall is a great TV presenter, but she's no stranger to an embarrassing moment and has amassed plenty in her career.

The ballsy host is currently starring on The Masked Singer as one of four judges on the show, and loves to dress up for filming.

However, as she does her best to unmask celebrities, we're taking a look at some of her biggest wardrobe malfunctions.

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With The Masked Singer's final on Saturday (February 18), Daily Star have pooled together Davina's biggest wardrobe gaffes.

Dog walker flash

Davina was left mortified last year after suffering from an unfortunate wardrobe blunder in the great outdoors.

The TV legend came to realise that the top button of her shirt was undone after she came back from "quite a long dog walk".

She reckoned that she had her "bra and everything out" on show to "quite a lot of people" on the way.

Davina told he social media followers that as a result she accidentally flashed some strangers.

She captioned the video of her filling in her fans: "Oh god . No one told me. I’m dying."

In a clip which was shared with her 1.5 Instagram followers, Davina revealed: "I've just been on quite a long dog walk and I walked past quite a lot of people – I said hello to literally everyone, you know what I'm like.

"I did not realise my top button is undone. My bra was out… and EVERYTHING!"

Camel toe chaos

Poor Davina caused quite the stir during 2016's Sport Relief, when her 'camel toe' caught the attention of fans.

The star suffered an embarrassing on-screen wardrobe malfunction where her red jumpsuit was awkwardly tight around her nether regions.

Unfortunately for her, it didn't quite escape the attention of viewers at home with her sending Twitter into meltdown.

On the night, she stepped out onto the stage alongside co-hosts Claudia Winkleman and John Bishop, whilst donning the fitted outfit.

Some viewers poked fun at the fact that it was a little snug in places and shared their thoughts on social media.

One posted: "Davina McCall showing a bit of camel toe on sports relief #happydays," while another added: "Davina McCall – absolute camel toe central. #SportRelief"

A second joked: "#SportRelief Davina makes a pledge to give her camel toe some relief," while one said: "Davina a Camel just called for you but you were busy, says he wants his toe back or something…#SportRelief"

Despite the jokes at her expense, Davina was able to laugh the comments off with her own comical take on the situation.

She took to Twitter herself to to joke that "at least her husband Matthew" liked her look.

Davina responded to a viewer that shared: "Great show last night, & you made my new ultra HD TV come alive. Men all over the UK loved your jumpsuit #SportRelief," to which the Big Brother replied: "Matthew liked it!" alongside a winking emoji.

See-through dress

During the 2014 BAFTAS, Davina was the victim of another awkward wardrobe blunder her flashing became a bit too much on the red carpet.

The TV personality stunned in an all-black number and looked amazing at the awards, but unfortunately as the cameras flashed, her dress showed off more than she bargained for.

With plenty of paparazzi in tow, the camera's bulbs make Davina's underwear show through her outfit at the swanky awards. Uh oh!

Workout worry

Everyone knows Davina is a fitness fanatic, with plenty of books and DVDs at her name, so it's no surprise she had a gym blunder too.

Taking to Instagram, she told her followers about another time she was left in a rather bizarre position.

She captioned a video of her revealing her blunder to her fans: "Working out alone is dangerous."

This came after Davina had just been stuck in her workout top as she found it impossible to take off.

The stunning star even feared that she'd have to ask a total stranger for help. Cringe!

Her fans loved her relatable story, with many heading to the comment section to support the star.

One wrote: "This happened to me in M&S once trying on 'shapewear' I got stuck with my arms over my head. I thought I might have to ask someone to call the fire brigade. Finally emerged sweating, hair standing on end and with red welts across my arms."

Another posted: "So relatable. I've started buying sports bras that zip up at the front exactly for this reason. Nearly put my back out trying to get them off!"

The Masked Singer final airs Saturday, February 18 on ITV1 and ITVX

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