Davina McCall says young women ‘deserve better’ calls for contraception overhaul

Davina McCall is hitting our screens tonight as she swears to reveal the dark truth behind the contraceptive pill.

Since the years of her politely asking contestants not to swear in the Big Brother house, the presenter has dedicated herself to helping others, releasing fitness DVDs, reuniting long-lost families and discussing the menopause.

And with it being 60 years since the pill was introduced on our shores, Davina is calling for a revolution.

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The 55-year-old has claimed, that young women: "Were just chucked on the Pill and expected to get on with it. This Left millions of women struggling with unpleasant side effects."

As part of the research for the documentary, Channel 4 discovered that 77% of women using the pill had noticed negative side effects, and 36% Experienced low mood, depression or anxiety.

Having used the pill since she was 15, Davina questions whether the medication has impacted her own mental health.

She said: " Mood changes are widely recognised as a potential side effect of hormonal contraception, but the research is limited.

“We deserve better. Better research. Better knowledge. Better quality of care. More funding. Why should we compromise our quality of life to prevent pregnancy?”


In a bid to avoid pregnancy, her two daughters, Holly, 21, and Tilly, 19, have both taken the pill. But while the elder child is happy with the results, Davina's youngest has had an array of mental health struggles. Thus making Davina ask the question whether the pill should be offered so freely.

Despite her concerns, London Lister Hospital, consultant gynaecologist, Tania Adib, believes the pill is still necessary.

She claims: "In my experience, the downsides of unwanted pregnancy to a patient’s mental and physical health far outweigh any side effects.


In fact, Government data shows 45% of pregnancies in England are already unplanned, while a study last year by Tilburg University in the Netherlands found women with unplanned pregnancies reported persistently higher levels of depressive symptoms. And pregnancy itself is not risk-free and can cause gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, pre-eclampsia and pulmonary embolism – a dangerous blood clot.

"The Pill also has some huge health benefits. I treat patients daily who live have been made miserable by severe acne or heavy, painful periods and starting on the Pill transform their lives.

"Yes, some patients say it negatively effects their mood or makes them feel bloated, but in most cases just swapping to a different pill fixes this."

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