Christine McGuinness distracted by defecating duck during sexy swimwear shoot

Even the most hardened professional would struggle to keep a straight face when confronted with this.

Christine McGuinness was filming an advert dressed in a sexy black swimsuit when a bolshy bird decided to do a poo while she was feeding it some bread.

The 33-year-old model turned the mishap into an amusing Instagram video though so all was not lost.

A laughing Christine told the camera: “I was literally just doing some adverts.”

She then started giggling and looked shocked as the duck does a big poo.

Christine then added some slo-mo to the short video to make it more gross and captioned it: “Dirty ducker.”

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Her 550,000 followers loved the joke with one commenting: “This might be the best thing you’ve ever posted, and that’s no disrespect to anything else.”

Meanwhile, Christine and Paddy, 47, recently opened up about the extra difficulties lockdown has brought them due to their children having special needs.

Speaking frankly, Christine said earlier this year: "It’s been a rollercoaster. It started off extremely difficult, for everyone it was a massive shock.

"Our kids are autistic and they struggle with shock. All of these differences were suddenly thrown at them, the school was closed, not allowed friends or family over, which we used to do, at weekends we couldn’t go to the park."

"With three children that struggle with change anyway and don’t really understand an awful lot, that was extremely difficult, for them to suddenly change overnight.

"We did kind of get used to it over the summer, they did stop asking about going out and that’s sort of where we’re at now."

Heartbreakingly, a lot of the process Paddy and Christine had made with their children in terms of confidence has been lost.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star continued on Loose Women: "It’s quite sad really that they now accept it’s normal to stay in.

"We’ve spent years and years encouraging our children, it doesn’t come naturally to them, to go and socialise, going out to busy places and new places like play centres – they can be quite frightening – it took them years to do that quite happily. Now they don’t even ask about it, it’s like it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s quite sad."

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