Chloe Madeley says she ‘has no shame’ after mum Judy’s boobs popped out on stage

Chloe Madeley's mum Judy Finnigan accidentally exposed her bra and boobs while accepting an award with her husband Richard who she co-presented ITV's This Morning in 2000.

While it was an embarrassing moment for Judy, it has helped her fitness fanatic daughter, 33, who is married to former England rugby union player James Haskell, 35.

The TV personality told in an interview she feels "no shame" after Judy's dress slipped down at the National Television Awards.

Chloe told how she often poses for "sexy shoots" and "pranced around in her underwear", adding her mum's embarrassment moment has helped her confidence.

Chloe, who was 13 when Judy accidentally exposed her bra, told The Sun on Sunday that her older brother Jack had "a complete meltdown" after Judy's wardrobe malfunction.

But Chloe took her mum's mishap in her stride.

She said: "And she was like, 'Oh, it's fine. It's funny. Thank God I was wearing a bra. Imagine if I hadn't been'.

"Being in the public eye, if you can't laugh at yourself, you're gonna hate every second of it.

"I've generally got no shame. I really like doing sexy shoots, I love just prancing around in my underwear. And I've learned from my parents not to take myself too seriously.'

TV presenter John Leslie ran onto the stage when Judy's dress fell down and helped cover her modesty.

Chloe said she rang her parents as soon as they got off stage, and asked Judy to tell her that she was okay.

Chloe recently revealed she had gone up two dress sizes after putting on weight during the lockdowns.

The babe told how she felt like 'like death' despite being in her 'best possible shape'.

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She also said she felt pressure to maintain her physique.

The personal trainer also explained that the time she was at her peak fitness was a 'horrible period'.

Chloe told Closer magazine being in that shape is no longer worth the effort, adding she no longer 'cares' what she looks like now, so long as she's 'fit and healthy'.

She said: "When I first started training, I had all the confidence in the world but, somewhere in the middle, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure to always look in shape because of what I do.

"That was a horrible period, but I've matured a lot in terms of my relationship with my body. I know how to get in "shredded shape", but I know how much work that takes and it's not worth my whole life."

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