Chloe Ferry wants third nose job after a botched op caused breathing trouble

Chloe Ferry is planning on getting another nose job after the previous two have left her feeling insecure.

The Geordie Shore star, 25, first went through surgery in 2016 to try and fix what she considered to be a flaw in her image.

Instead of leaving her happy though, the procedure caused continual troubles with her breathing after the operation made her nostrils too small.

Two years after the initial surgery she went back under the knife to fix the problem, leading to online abuse comparing her to Michael Jackson.

A source at The Sun said: “She has always said the last one was a botched job because she thinks the nostrils are different shapes and the tip isn't right.

“Despite being ballsy on TV, Chloe is actually really insecure about it and gets really funny when people take pictures of her. She needs to know it's her right angle.

“She's planning to get it sorted when she can – and she hopes it will stop some of the horrible trolling she gets."

Despite spending more than £50,000 trying to become what she believes to be the best version of herself, Chloe is still the victim of internet trolling.

In 2019, Chloe spoke out about her body dysmorphia, something she believes was brought on by her early surgeries.

When discussing her recovery for the condition, she said: "But I started feeling a bit better about myself during the first lockdown and now I’m in a different frame of mind.”

With Chloe’s new outlook coming out of lockdown, it's sure to be a positive thing for younger fans to see the results of her attempts to overcome her body dysmorphia.

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Since shooting to stardom, Chloe has completely overhauled her image with the help of surgery and non-surgical procedures.

She has previously spoken about her multiple boob jobs, nose jobs, lip fillers, Botox and other body alterations.

The Geordie beauty once said: "I love surgery and I'll never stop. I want my face to be like, 'Woah.'"

She also confessed she was "addicted" to surgery.

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