Cheryl ‘wants to have her say’ on Liam Payne age gap fury amid Schofield scandal

Cheryl reportedly “wants to have her say” after facing fresh backlash over her relationship with ex-beau Liam Payne and their 10-year-age gap.

The pop star, 39 first met former One Direction star Liam back in 2008 on the X Factor – when he was only 14.

At the time of the Wolverhampton-born singer’s audition, Cheryl was married to ex-husband Ashley Cole.

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But eight years later and following her divorce, Cheryl got together with Liam in 2016 – with the pair dating for nearly two years before calling it quits.

However, now their relationship has been hit with scrutiny following Phillip Schofield’s recent scandal – where he confessed to an affair with a much younger colleague at ITV.

Following the news of Phillip’s fling, many people started to discuss Cheryl and Liam’s romance, with one Twitter user writing: "Cheryl met Liam Payne aged 14, and later had a kid with him."

A second mused: “What do we think about Cheryl who had a baby with Liam Payne who she'd known since he was 14? In air of Philip Schofield, obviously.”

Echoing their thoughts, someone else chimes in and said: “Cheryl met Liam Payne when she was a judge on X Factor. He was 14 at the time. She went on to have a relationship with him several years later."

"How come no one is questioning Cheryl when she met Liam Payne at 14?! I don't agree with Phillip Scofield's lies or cheating however we have to look at the bigger picture and if it's questioned for a man why not a woman?!," fumed a third social media user.

However now, following the fresh fury, apparently the Girls Aloud Star would “love” to have her say on the matter – but is worried about the consequences.

A source close to Cheryl said: “Cheryl fears this is going to blow it all up for her, because no one wants to be associated with anything like that.”

Speaking to Heat magazine, the insider added: “She'd love nothing more than to have her say, but she knows it never comes out that way.

"For Cheryl, the 14-year-old thing is so twisted, and infuriating – she was married at the time, and there was absolutely no link with Liam there at all."

Despite the uproar, many Twitter users were quick to support the former showbiz couple.

"Was she in a sexual relationship with him at 14? Was she in constant contact "guiding him" through media? Two completely different situations no comparison," said one fan.

A second penned: “They had no relationship in between his auditioning & their romantic relationship years later."

“Liam was 23 or 24 when he and Cheryl got together. They were public about their relationship and he is the father of her child. It’s not the same at all,” wrote someone else.

Daily Star has reached out to Cheryl and Liams representatives for a comment.

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