Camila Cabello Seating Arrangement AMAs, Fifth Harmony Feud

If you tuned into the American Music Awards on Tuesday night, you know that Camila Cabello had the best seat in the house right next to BFF Taylor Swift. You may have also noticed that her former fellow Fifth Harmony members, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei, were seated nowhere near her, which begs the question: is there still drama? TMZ seems to think so!

According to the gossip site, the former bandmates were kept separate like feuding relatives at a wedding in an effort to “keep the peace.” In fact, Normani and Lauren were seated in an entirely different section than the “Consequences” crooner! Of course, this made people wonder whether or not there are still some negative feelings surrounding Cam’s abrupt exit from the group several years ago.

Sources tell TMZ, “There’s been some leftover bad blood between these three in particular in the wake of Camila leaving the group in late 2016. There were conflicting accounts on how exactly her exit was handled — Camila says she gave plenty notice, but 5H says she ghosted.” YIKES.

NGL, we were somewhat under the impression that the dust settled between the girls, especially since Camila and Normani were all smiles when they reunited at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year. See?

TBH, they look pretty friendly in those photos to us, so maybe it’s only Laur and Cam who still have beef? After all, Lauren did shade the “Havana” singer quite a few times following her split from the group. In February of 2017, for example, she posted this tweet, which fans assumed was about the “Havana” crooner considering the timing.

Regardless of whether or not Fifth Harmony’s feud is still alive and well, it was still pretty clear why Camila was seated front and center at the AMAs this year while the others were not. For starters, she was nominated for multiple awards, and she even went home with four separate trophies including New Artist of the Year, Collaboration of the Year, Video of the Year and Favorite Pop/Rock song. Hopefully, the fact that she was up for several awards was the ONLY reason she wasn’t seated near Normani and Lauren, because TBH, we’d love for them to squash their beef for good.

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