Bart Simpson voice actor ‘made King’s Guard’s knees buckle’ with comment

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    When visiting a King's Guard, tourists often try to make them laugh or even just crack a smile because they are known to stay incredibly poised on duty.

    For the most part, the soldiers stand at their post unbothered by members of the public – but some have their moments, with only the guard apparently losing his cool after meeting voice actor Nancy Cartwright.

    Cartwright is known for her voice work on The Simpsons including characters such as Nelson Muntz and Ralph Wiggum.

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    However, she is mostly known for being the voice of the mischievous son in the animated family, Bart Simpson.

    So, when she paid a visit to London, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Nancy took it as the perfect opportunity to use one of Bart's iconic catchphrases to make the guard laugh.

    In a TikTok video, which has gained more than 588,000 likes, Nancy shared the story of her trip after a fan commented: "Is it true you made a Queen's guard move when you did the Bart voice to him.

    To which, she put on her Bart voice and declared she was "guilty as charged, man."

    "I was in the UK, I was visiting and being a tourist actually at the time, and I thought I'd have a little fun.," she explained.

    "I sidled up beside this guard wearing, you know, his red coat and the big tall fur, bare skin hat. They're not supposed to speak and they're not supposed to move.

    "He was taller than me, everybody is and I looked up at him and I'm like, 'Don, to the cow, man' and the guy totally broke, his knees buckled and he kind of fell down a little bit.

    "I'm like, 'Whoa.' I started to get out of there. He's chasing after me. 'Miss Cartright, stop. We're all big fans. I couldn't believe it."

    Cartwright dubbed the incident "a moment in history."

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    Viewers found the story hilarious as they took to the comments claiming she had "done the impossible."

    One user said: "You did the impossible, you broke the Queen's guard."

    Another added: "Only Nancy Cartwright can make a guard break orders haha love it."

    A third commented: "I sure hope he didn't get in trouble."

    A fourth wrote: "I love that he knew your name and wanted to chase you like a fan usually does."


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