Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter is her double in rare appearance for show about mum

Anna Nicole Smith's daughter learns about her late mother in a new documentary.

Dannielynn Birkhead, 14, was five months old when model mum Anna died from an accidental prescription medication overdose in 2007.

Now the teen – whose dad is famed photographer Larry Birkhead – will make a rare appearance in a US 20/20 TV special, Tragic Beauty, seeking to learn more about her mum.

Dannielynn and Larry travel to the town of Mexia, Texas, where Playboy centrefold Anna spent most of her childhood before her modelling career saw her shoot to global stardom.

The press release reads: "They meet her high school friend and see the places she frequented before becoming famous.

"Dannielynn sees for the first time some of Anna Nicole's memorabilia from her life and career, tucked away in a storage locker following her death."

And proud dad Larry tells the camera: "Dannielynn's a teenager now, and she doesn't really know a ton of things about her mum.

"As a dad who has a child whose mum has passed away, I thought, 'Why not go back to Anna's beginnings?' To be really honest, I didn't know a whole lot about Anna, you know, her early years."

  • Dannielynn Birkhead is now the spitting image of mum Anna Nicole Smith

The two-hour programme will also feature interviews with some of Anna's closest friends.

When visiting a friend in the preview, Dannielynn hugged the woman as she said: "You are your mommy. You look just like her."

The teenager does look very similar to her late mother, as the show presents the pair next to each other at the same age.

Larry opened up in 2015 about taking their daughter to the Kentucky Derby, where he and Anna had first met.

"She's my good luck charm," he told E! News, "She picks all the winners."

He added: "When I see how big she's become, I'm just so proud of her.

"She reminds me so much of her mum and as she gets older, and her features are changing.

"It's just like having a little miniature Anna Nicole running around in so many ways."

Larry and Anna had met in 2004, and there was a paternity case about who was the father of Dannielynn, with Howard Stern, Larry Birkhead and Prince Frederick von Anhalt all claiming they were her father.

In April 2007, it was confirmed that Larry was Dannielynn's biological father.

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