Andrea Bocelli’s emotional message as son Matteo goes solo ‘Now it’s my turn to cheer you’

Matteo Bocelli discusses inspiration for his new single 'Solo'

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Andrea has been a chart-topping pop and opera sensation for three decades but has started to share the talents of his children over the past few years. Youngest son Matteo stunned the world back in 2018 when he debuted with his father on the song Fall On Me from the film The Nutcracker and the Seven Realms. Since then, they have often appeared together on stage and Matteo has also begun to build his own career. After teasing solo music for the past two years, he released his first single, Solo, yesterday and his father could not contain his pride.

In a typically lyrical and emotional post, Andrea wrote: “Solo, and that’s how things should be. You’re going solo, dearest Matteo, with the strength of your legs and your dreams, with your voice and the emotions you will ignite, the smiles you will bring to light up your world!

“Going solo, away from those who raised you, the world you grew up in, and yet my greatest hope is that you will never feel lonely, because love is a constant presence; love stays by your side, even when you are far away.


Andrea added: “Solo, your first track, is out today. No title could be more fitting and more beautiful: now that you are a man, you have opened the door to life and the future with a sure hand; you have crossed that threshold alone.

“Now it’s my turn to sit in the front row and cheer for your journey, for your song, as you yourself have done for so many years, proud to applaud your father. You don’t know how eager I am to do it, the pride and affection I feel.

“I’ll have to resist the temptation to say to whoever I’m next to, ‘You know, that’s my son up there!'”

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Matteo Bocelli performs his new single 'Solo'

Matteo added: “Solo is a sad song, the mood when we wrote the song was sounding a little bit sad, but actually it has both aspects. ..another one is a little more positive. Inside this song there is a lot of hope and love.”

Matteo also revealed that music had been in his life before he was even born: “Since I was in my mum’s belly, music was in the middle of our days. I started to play the piano when I was seven years old. Singing was a passion every day but just for fun until I slowly started to understand it could be more than just a passion.

“I finally did my debut with my first single, Solo. I waited many years but I finally share it with you. It is just the first of many… I hope you like it and then I will slowly come back with some more music next year.”



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