Alice Cooper hits the road with new LP – Showman belts out a cracking racket

Teenagers knew what adults didn’t – it was an act, entertainment, a horror movie set to music.

Fifty-one years on and aged 76, the star born Vince Furnier still makes a cracking racket as he revels in his own legend.

Road’s opening track, I’m Alice, is a scene-setting stew of sleaze, menace and tongue-in-cheek humour.

“I know you’re looking for a real good time, so let me introduce you to a friend of mine,” he sings before billing himself as ”the master of madness, the sultan of surprise…”

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But he makes it clear, “It’s your imagination that’s brought you here… I am your creation”.

Every crowd-pleasing element in Cooper’s kit bag is unpacked.

We get Ryan Roxie’s lethal guitar breaks, dark comedy and Hulk-size high-octane anthems, like All Over The World and Welcome To The Show with its lethal riff and instantly addictive chorus

The awesome White Line Frankenstein – co-written by Rage Against The Machine’s guitarist Tom Morello – is a hard-rock wrecking ball.

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Produced by Alice’s veteran sparring partner Bob Ezrin, nostalgic highs include prowling stomper Dead Don’t Dance, with Ol’ Black Eyes asserting “If I wasn’t in a band, they would need to do away with me, they’d put in the ground with profound animosity”.

The sprightly Go Away channels Big Boots swaggers like a heavier Brownsville Station, Rules Of The Road gets toes tapping like a diligent dance instructor.

Always a smart operator, Cooper made enough money from his Poison-fuelled late-80s revival to retire years ago. He keeps on rocking because that’s what he does. The legend, as he says himself, lives on.

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